Dramatic landscapes.
             Unforgettable stories.

Anhluut’ukwsim Lax̱mihl Angwinga’asaanskwhl Nisg̱a’a / Nisg̱a’a Memorial Lava Bed Park

Canada’s most recent lava flow occurred some 300 years ago. In this cataclysmic event, a river of lava flowed approximately 20-kms long and 3-kms wide. It changed the course of Ḵ’alii-Aksim Lisims, created Lava Lake, and claimed the lives of 2000 Nisg̱a’a. Today, the park offers visitors a chance to learn more about Nisg̱a’a culture and the natural history of Nisg̱a’a Lands. Amenities include a 16-site vehicle campground, picnic areas, boat launches, and short hiking trails. Stop in at the Visitor Centre to learn more, book a guided tour, or pick up a copy of the self-guided Auto Tour of Nisga’a Lands.

The unforgettable story of the eruption offers an enduring lesson about respect for the natural world.

Hlgu Isgwit /
Hot Springs

Just west of the Gitwinksihlkw, a short boardwalk leads to Hlgu Isgwit Hot Springs, known traditionally as the dwelling place of Sbi Nax̱nok, a supernatural being whose presence is detected by the smell of sulfur. Nisg̱a’a have used the Hlgu Isgwit Hot Springs for ceremonial, medicinal, and spiritual purposes for untold generations. Today, visitors are welcome to use the changerooms, then bask in two large cedar tubs. This is a culturally significant heritage site. Enjoy it with care and respect.

Hours of Operations: Mondays to Fridays; 9 am to 5 pm. Closed on weekends.

Admissions: Nisg̱a’a Citizens – no charge; Children – $5; Adults & Youth – $8; Families of Four – $20. Cash is not accepted, only debit or credit card payments.

Visitors – please book in advance by calling

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