Enduring Culture, Modern Nation

We are a forward-thinking people with a strong foundation. Ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a, our ancient and sophisticated code of laws, customs and conduct, is the living record of our nation and our enduring view of the world. It is Nisg̱a’a history as told by our elders; the creation of the world, the Great Flood, the volcano’s eruption, the founding of the great families and their crest system, the mythical feasts of warriors and spirits, the role of Nisg̱a’a Simgigat, Sigidim Haanaḵ’, K’uba-Wilksihlkw (younger-ranking Nisg̱a’a), and visitors on our lands.

Ayuuḵhl Nisa’a shows us that every being has a rightful and meaningful place in society—and that we are all interdependent—we need one another. In Nisg̱a’a society, one’s identity is symbolized by one’s Ayukws (crests) which is portrayed on regalia and other Wilp (house) / family property, and by our beliefs of sharing wealth in a meaningful and carefully planned way.